My Craft is no Curse: Daily Prompt Poem

My craft is of a different kind, one of herbs and spices,
of natural energy coursing through fingertips into trinkets and brews.
You worship in hymns and prayer, I in ritual and songs by moonlight.

You and I, we are the same; different beliefs but still loving and caring people.

Your bible says to love and treat others with kindness.
My sacred scripts say to harm none and live in love and peace.
Is this not alike?

Why must you alienate me and treat me as some sort of monster?
Couldn’t you respect me and my beliefs as I respect you?
Such hate hurts me. It should hurt you too.
We are the same, but different:
I with broom and book, and you with cross and bible

Free to be ME in 2017!

So this morning I’ve woken up on the other side of the year change over with a foggy brain, but I’m determined to post this morning before it’s classed as “late”.
I recently came across a blogger by the name of Ivy Iris (by the way, please go check out her blog) who inspired me to come up with a word of the year (here’s the insta post which inspired me).
My word for 2017 is if you haven’t already guessed ‘Freedom’.
‘Why freedom?’ I hear you ask. Well:
For the past thirteen or so years, I’ve been restrained by the expectations of my schooling institutions and now that I have graduated I have this immense feeling of freedom. But although I have this feeling, I haven’t felt truly free, because I’ve contained myself to suit society and fit “the norm”, and I’ve been too afraid and self-conscience to truly be myself.
So this year, I’m going to free myself.
I will be free to speak and live my truth.
I will be free to reach my highest potential.
I will be free to learn and become who I truly am.
I will be free to develop myself and my spirituality without fear of judgement.
I will be free to be me.
I AM free to be me and no one can stop me from being happy with who I am.

Hannah xx