Risky Business

Starting a new business is scary.
It’s definitely a risk.
I just spent the past week setting up my Facebook page and website instead of working on a major assignment for university.

I don’t even know if this is the right thing to do… It could flop within a month.

But I’ll take the risk, because I’m passionate about it. And to be honest, that’s all I need to keep me going on it.


A quick shameless self-promo of my new business Virtual Quirk, a social media consultancy. Feel free to also check out my facebook page!

And if you’re interested in my services, don’t worry about your location being an issue, as I can conduct business over distance!



I feel like a fraud. I feel like I’m over representing myself. I’m afraid of disappointing others for relying on me.

But I need to remember.

I need to remember that I AM qualified for this. That I have experiences and skills that others do not. I need to remember to not sell myself short.

I have every right to do and make money doing what I love.

And sure, I may not be very experienced, but this will help me grow and change. This is what happens to every professional over time. I just need to not be ashamed of my ambition.

Reclaim Weird

When I was little, I strove for attention as many kids do. In year four, this need for attention had reached its peak and I didn’t seem to be meeting my attention requirements. I had to do something about it. This want wasn’t in the forefront of my consciousness, and so I didn’t deliberately strategize to gain the notice of my peers or parents.Read More »

Why Queer?

I used to say I was bisexual. But eyes would glaze over at that word. It holds less weight as other terms like ‘gay’.  To others,  it often means straight girls drunkenly making out at parties for the enjoyment of men.  To others, it often means gay boys who want to lessen the blow of their sexuality on their friends and family.

But this is not necessarily what it is.Read More »