Short Story: The New Girl

I walk in. It’s my first day in a new school. It’s my first lesson: English. Good, English is what I’m best at; I must make a good impression.
I was previously at an all-girls school and I didn’t seem to fit in well there. Instead, my parents decided to send me to Brookwood High school. It’s a co-ed school, so I’m pretty excited about the fact that there are boys here. Maybe I might finally get my first boyfriend.
I sit down at a table near the back. I’ll play it cool, and then I’ll blow everyone away. Everyone files in, take their seats and a tall, lean man walks in. He looks pretty young, fresh out of teacher’s college I presume. He has a unique style about him. He’s probably a hipster. I reckon he’s got a blog, and he drinks strong coffee from some hipster café called, ‘The Grass Café’ or something.
He smiles to the class and takes up a tablet to make the roll. He calls the names out, each following by an answering ‘Yo’ or ‘Hey’. “Maria Key” He looks up at me.
I smile and call out “Hello”, in my most confident voice.
The teacher smiles and says warmly, “Welcome Maria, I’m Mr Wood. Currently we’re studying free-verse poetry. Hopefully you will pick it up quickly,” he smiles and I thank him.
He continues on with the roll and I look around everyone has stopped staring and whispering about ‘the new girl’ by now, and they are all looking intently at Mr Wood. He seems nice enough; Kind of cool actually.
Although there is someone looking at me. A boy, who answered to the name ‘Dylan’, is staring at me. He’s looking at me with his bright, curious, green eyes; his shaggy brown hair, hanging in front of his eyes. He is pretty cute.
We start by thinking of ideas for our poems. Mr Wood sets the task of writing down as many ideas in half an hour. Dylan, who is two seats away, looks over at me and smiles. I blush, and I look away quickly. For the next half hour, this continues every five minutes.
After we had started writing our poems, Dylan passes a note down:
Hey, I have something to tell you. 🙂
I blush, and look at him. He’s scribbling down a message on a fresh scrap of paper and leans over to pass it to me. But a slender hand flies between us and slips the paper out of his hands before he has the chance to give it to me. Mr Wood reads it silently.
He walks to the front of the class, “It seems that Dylan has something to tell Maria. I was going to read it out, but, the content of this note may cause embarrassment for either parties, so I won’t. But Dylan, I recommend you tell Maria straight after class,” Dylan blushes deeply and nods to Mr Wood, “You should know not pass notes in class.”
Dylan’s face stays red for the rest of the lesson, but he still keeps smiling at me, in an embarrassed, boyish way, like he’s got a secret which is about to burst forth from his mouth.
By the end of the lesson, Dylan can’t sit still anymore. Mr Wood dismisses us, and Dylan immediately picks up his books and speed saunters past my table. I feel my face growing red and hot as he walks over. He stops in front of my table and declares, “I have something I have to tell you”. He looks really embarrassed, ‘Oh God, what is he going to say?’ I think. I’m too nervous to stand up, my knees will surely knock.
He leans down so that his eyes are level with mine, and he cracks a wicked grin. “You’ve got toothpaste on your shirt.” And he cracks up laughing and skips out the classroom to tell his friends.
I look down in horror, and sure enough, I have a big, green smear of toothpaste down the front of my brand new blazer. I feel my face burning; ‘Oh God, It’s been there the whole morning, no wonder everyone has been staring at me!’
That was the day that I met, not the cutest, kindest boy; but the prankster, Dylan.

Written by Hana July 2014


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