Why Start Fresh?

As I mentioned previously, I used to have a blog about fandoms and being a “Nerd” but it wasn’t meant to be that way in the beginning. In fact, my first one started out similar to this one. It was meant to be about my ideas, my interests; the workings of my “nerd” brain. But unfortunately, it ran off on a tangent and turned into a blog just about fandoms and there weren’t any proper, hearty posts; and I felt like I wasn’t positively contributing to the online world. My blog was just existing and not achieving anything. and in my opinion, blogging should at least achieve something in my heart and soul. Even if that is just me putting out my opinion, then at least I am bringing something that I am proud of into the world.

That is why I’m starting fresh. Because I want to do a REAL blog now, and I’m not going to make the same mistakes as I did last time. In fact, I’m going to try to not mention fandoms or anything like that at all. (Except if I am doing a book review or something… but even then I’m not going to act all fan girly)

So why is it good to start fresh? Not just in blogging but in anything?

Starting anew often gives you a great feeling of freedom. You are cutting the ropes of the past, stretching your wings and looking into the far-off dawn of opportunity. Once you have cut the ropes and you are truly ready to fly, you can leave behind the past  and learn from you mistakes so you can create a bright and happy future in whatever you do.

It’s not like I hated my previous blog. I just didn’t enjoy writing the posts; it had become a chore. To have something negative and unnecessary dragging me down in my life wasn’t healthy. It’s like the only things you know how to cook are junk, unhealthy foods, so you are unable to eat anything healthy and it’s making you unhappy. I’m learning all the new healthy recipes of blogging and I want to create and grow a happy, healthy and active blogging life; and I hope that you could come along with me on the journey.

So I’m starting fresh, and there is going to more talking about my old blog in depth from now on. I may refer to small things on it, but I’m not focusing on it. It is in the past and I must do as Walt Disney said;

“Keep Moving Forward”

keep moving forward

Hana xx


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