Staying Calm: My First Daily Prompt Post

The night before that big event is scary. You want to get some sleep, so that you’re well rested for the long day ahead. But as much as you try to fall asleep, you just keep tossing a turning.

You feel Too hot; takes off blanket.

You feel too cold; puts on blanket.

You feel thirsty; gets drink.

You feel hungry; eats food.

Hears noise in the hallway; checks hallway and leaves hallway light on.

You swear you feel a spider crawling up you bare arm; has massive full body spasm and checks everywhere for non-existent spider.

No matter what, you are not going to sleep… my advice?

Stay up all night making origami… works every time…


12 thoughts on “Staying Calm: My First Daily Prompt Post

  1. 😦 I’m scared of spiders and whilst reading your post a fly (yes a fly) landed on my leg and I started having a huge spasm thinking it was a spider – your fault! Worst thing we can do before an important event is not sleeping… beyond frustrating.


    • Haha, sorry ’bout that. 😛 The other annoying thing is when you are laying in bed on a hot summer’s night. You are restless and you just want to sleep; and you hear a zzzzzzzzz in your ear. THOSE DAMN MOSQUITOES!!!!


      • and five minutes later you find yourself bouncing off your bed trying to kill it, while the mozzie sits there on the roof mocking you. Why is my ceiling so high?!?! 😦


      • hahahahaha and then you get a broom and start jumping around trying to reach it and when you are about to, it decides to fly away. Funny enough, although I haven’t seen a mosquito in a while, one has bitten me twice last night 😐

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    • Yep… you’ve made 30 paper cranes and you look at the clock and 3 minutes and 54 seconds have passed since you started…. Time to watch origami tutorials on YouTube!!


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