In Transit: Daily Prompt

train station

I don’t know if I’m ready, but I have no other choice.  I have to catch that train.

After I was hit by the car; the world went black. I was crossing the road and a car came speeding around the corner. I had not time to act, and my body was smashed across the bonnet. I heard smashing, screaming, and other associated sounds of horror.

Then nothing. I woke to find myself, intact, alright; but still aching from the crash. I am at a train station. Lying next to me is a small suitcase, and in my pocket is a ticket. I look at the destination, but there is none. How is there a train going nowhere? I ask myself. There are people wandering all around me. All holding a suitcase like mine, and looking as dazed as I feel. Are they in the same position as me?

I hear a train horn in the distance. The ground starts to shake, and I step away from the tracks. I look around the station. Elegantly designed in marble, with a high roof and gold lamps lighting the space. It’s beautiful, but I cannot see a door out of this place anywhere. I have to catch that train. It’s my only way out.

The shaking becomes stronger, as a train pulls in. It’s an old fashioned steam train, but it’s white with gold trimming. It’s lovely, and it matches the station perfectly, but I have never seen a white train. I didn’t even know they existed.

A man with a grey moustache steps out calling for passengers. I step forward. “Where are we going?” I ask the man, giving him my ticket.

He smiles at me kindly, “To The Afterlife, my dear.” And he guides me into the train.

I sit down, on the already fast filling seats. The Afterlife? I died? I am so confused, it makes sense, but I didn’t think the passage to heaven would be quite like this. Wait, am I going to heaven? This could be a journey to hell after all. Or heaven and hell may not even exist and I would just become a soul, and… float around?

The doors close and the train starts moving. The train leaves the station, out into the blinding light. Everything goes white, I wait for my eyes to adjust to the light, but they don’t.

Suddenly, a new feeling enters my body. I feel light and floaty, like I’ve become a feather. And I feel… surprisingly, happy. In fact, all of my worries are gone. They’ve just drifted away like a cloud in a clear sky.

Everything is going to be all right.


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