Annoying? Well that’s an understatement! : Daily Prompt

When I was younger I had an obsession with even numbers.

The television volume had to be on an even number.

I naturally preferred shapes with an even number of sides.

Everything had to be an even number.

and it’s not like I was even trying to do it. Odd numbers just felt… wrong.

The other thing that annoys me is when people tell me I’m wrong, but I am 100% certain I am right. I know it sounds horrible. But I am just always debating. I love to have a good (healthy) argument. That’s why I do Youth Parliament.

But I HATE it when I can’t convince someone I’m right. And then, after I walk away, I look it up on my phone, and I AM right. They didn’t even believe me!


But there is on ultimate pet peeve:

People let their kids kick the back of my chair in cinemas. In PG rated movies! The kid is screaming and crying because there is a scary dragon on the screen. Why is your 5-year-old even there? It’s too scary!

Either leave the cinema and come back when the child is settled, or leave and don’t come back at all!!

shut up


What about you? what’s your pet peeve?


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