Person Anxiety: Daily Prompt

My challenge today is to write, non-stop for 10 minutes. No editing and no looking back. This is going to be tough:

I look up from my book. I was walking home and a person walking past called out hello to me. I blush, mumble out a reply and look back at my book; red-faced.

Now, I’m not a rude person, well, I don’t think I am. But, to be honest, I hate talking to people. I don’t know if it’s some strange type of person anxiety, but I get super nervous when I have to talk to people I have never met.


And by the way, I’m normally really good at public speaking, I just get the normal pre-show nerves. That’s different though.

I have to book a doctor’s appointment:

me: “ummm… hello? uhh.. I’m Hana and I have to see Dr [blah] uhh.. are they in tomorrow?

Person in the other end: “Yes she is in, what time would you like to come in?”

me: “Ummm… what?” <- obviously didn’t hear a word the receptionist said cause I was freaking out

This is a major problem in my life… It’s fine if I start the conversation, I say hello to the bus driver every morning, but as soon as they say ‘hello’ to me before I say it to them.. I stumble onto the bus, trip, blush, and fall into my seat heavily.

Why me?? Anyone else have this problem? Is there such a thing as person anxiety?


8 thoughts on “Person Anxiety: Daily Prompt

  1. That’s not a difficulty I can relate to, I am quite cheeky by nature and can easily talk to people. But you should not focus on it too much, it is simply a skill which means it is not a permanent difficulty, it can be worked on and dramatically improved. If you slowly try to overcome your anxiety of talking to strangers, eventually it will become more comfortable. I would suggest becoming more involved in any activity you may like that could involve others. From a book club to sports: whatever you enjoy really. I’d also suggest giving yourself tasks “within the next 3 days, I will speak to at least 1 stranger”. Something feasible, not too over the top, otherwise your anxiety will only increase. But like I said, don’t build yourself around it, you can overcome it. 🙂


    • Thanks! I really like the idea of aiming to talk to a particular amount of new people in a particular time frame. I think I might try it! I guess I will try to beat it! Thanks again for the comment! 🙂

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  2. It is easy to believe you are the only one with some annoying personal quirk. I do share this anxiety about talking and not only to strangers. I used to rehearse what I would say before a call and then when I actually did it I would find myself babbling and saying “stupid” things. Age or is it just experience that has changed my behaviour… I have the courage to just pick up the phone and go for it. I smile at strangers and return greetings without wondering if this is someone i am supposed to know and have forgotten. Face your fear but be gentle with yourself. Negative self-talk does hurt you. Best of luck.


    • Sadly, I also practice phone calls before hand, then stuff it up! Thanks for your advice! I should call my hairdresser today to book an appointment for 4 months, just so I can practice! Thanks for your comment! 😀


  3. I can think of countless people who have told me the same thing, and I react the same way. Sadly, there is little to do but keep doing it and it will eventually become easier. Just be kind to yourself, don’t force it, and you’ll get there in the end 😉


  4. Omg I have the same problem! I hate it! Once I’ve spoken with someone a few times I’ll be okay. But the first couple… terrible!

    Mine is only if it is in person, though. I’m okay if it’s part the phone because I know they can’t see me.

    I get SO bright red in the face, though! Can’t hide it!


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