Awkward people moments

This post is all about awkward people moments.  Awkward people moments? I hear you ask, What are they?

Well, they are when I do something pretty awkward around other people. I’m not too much of an awkward person, but very often these things happen to me.

You could also title this list ‘Things I try to avoid on a daily basis’.

I hoping that this post is going to be one of those completely relatable posts which brings up a good about of conversation in the comments section.

The Handshake/Hug Conundrum

I think that everyone has come across this at least once in their lifetime, and I think we would all agree; this moment is terrible.

the awkward handshake

In seconds, you have to workout what your relationship with the person is, then you have to guess what the appropriate farewell gesture is for that relationship. Maybe the other person likes to hug, and if you don’t hug them, then they will be offended. But maybe the other person doesn’t like being close to other people, and they just want to handshake. What if you are mates and you don’t know whether to fist bump/hug??

Why is it so complicated?? I wish that there was just one universal greeting/farewell gesture that everyone uses… It would make things so much more easier!

Both using ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ at the same time

This situation actually gave me the idea for this post. I don’t know if this happens to other people though..

Let’s say you were leaving high school for the day…

You are walking along, and you see someone you know. You make eye contact, and in your head you are saying,Okay, they will say ‘bye’ and then you will say ‘bye’  and they say ‘hi’. This completely stuffs me up, so then I say awkwardly say ‘bye’ and walk away thinking Did they think that was weird? Did  just shut down a possible conversation? I hope that didn’t come off a rude!

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, so if this happens to you, please let me know! 😛

Awkward Huggers

awkward hug

I hug people, that’s fine, but sometimes someone hugs me at a completely random time and I freak out. ahhh! I wasn’t expecting this! Where do  put my arms? Am I squeezing tight enough? If I break away now, will it be rude? This is a long hug, do they think I’m weird because I’m hugging for too long? ‘Cause I sure am not controlling this hug…

Awkward Photos (yeah, ’cause this is a sub heading)

Awkward pose

There are those moments when you’re in a group and someone pulls out a camera. Oh God, here we go again.

When you see the final photo, everyone is looking nice, and you are all there like:

awkward smile


Everyone is posing in a particular way, and you don’t know how to pose, so you just stand there in the middle, looking like you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Not knowing how to smile

Someone jumps out at you with a camera at a party, and the end product is a photo of you forgetting how to smile:


Phone calls

As I said in the People Anxiety post, I’m not good with phones… I have been working on it, but don’t call me anytime soon…

Making Calls

As I said in the above mentioned post, I have trouble talking to strangers, making appointments are scary because I don’t know what say.

Answering Phones

When phones ring, I get excited, pick it up, then forget what I’m meant to say.. So it usually ends up like this:

buddy the elf whats your favourite colour

People giving me phones

Whenever my parents called a relative, I would usually be expected to talk to them. But because I’m not good with phones, I run out of things to talk about within a few minutes.. Then I would just sit there waiting for the other person to say something.

If my mum ever said the classic line, “Hana’s here, would you like to talk to her?” I would ALWAYS do this:


And she would STILL give me the phone! Arrghh!!

Seeing someone I know in public


Just casually shopping for cereal, and your teacher walks into the isle that you are in. OH GOD! HIDE! *Starts hiding behind Fruit Loops box pretending to be reading the quiz on the back*

Forgetting to plug in earphones

You sit down in the library. It is busy and you have just found a place to sit down and study on your laptop. You pull out your headphones, plug them in (or so you think) and start working. About twenty minutes in, you think about listening to some music. You have a sudden urge to listen to Friday by Rebecca Black. You put on the music and bob your head along to the song. But it doesn’t sound quite right, sounds like its not going into your ears. You look down, and to your horror, THE HEADPHONES AREN’T PLUGGED IN! Hoping that no one has noticed the music, you plug them in quickly and look around. EVERYONE is staring at you.


If you have any good Awkward people moments, please comment them below, I would love to hear!

Hana xx


3 thoughts on “Awkward people moments

  1. A family member thrust a phone at me recently to speak to a relative who I have not seen for nearly 30 years. Yeah, that was awkward as I was not prepared, had only two memories of reference of this person, and so conversation was like…um….hi. How are you? Super. aaahhh, So, are you still creepy like I remember you being when I was 8?

    I also hate the time at church when you say hi to others around you. I always just shyly glance around and do quick handshakes and then just stand there looking weird. I don’t know what to say ever and have the hardest time chatting. But, if you put a camera in my hands at an event where I am the photographer, I suddenly can walk up to strangers and click and chat away because I have “a purpose.” It’s weird that I can be so shy and then so not in these different moments. It’s like my camera gives me some super power of social strength.

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