Currently I’m… : NaBloPoMo Day 9

Reading… The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – I started this half way through last year, and I never ended up finishing it because I was reading five other books at the same time. So I’ve sworn that I will finish it this month!

Watching… An anime called ‘A Certain Magical Index’ I got it for my birthday this year (June) and I still haven’t finished the disk! After that, I’m thinking about trying out Death Note.. Anyone seen it? I would love to know what you thought of it… 🙂

Eating… Just had a dinner of Pan fried barramundi with mashed potato and broccoli.. mmm… fancy.. 😛

Drinking.. I’m just about to go have my before-bed-cup-of-tea… I’ve been having a decaf one called Yorkshire.. I really like it! 🙂

Calling… Once I’ve finished this, I’m going to ring my best friend to have a chat, it’s been ages since we’ve talked, so I’m super excited about seeing how she is!

Pinning… Today I was pinning Scrap book happy mail ideas… If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it, I’ll probably do a post about it sooner or later.

Tweeting.. Haha, actually, I haven’t tweeted anything since 26th of October, I’m a pretty slack tweeter! I promise I will do better from now on!

Crafting.. I spent a large percentage of my day doing scrapbooking.. so that was pretty fun! 🙂

Doing… Blogging, obviously.. but I’m actually supposed to be studying.. SHHH! 😉

Loving… The Sherlock Holmes movies.. I still can’t get over how awesome they are!

Hating… Ender’s Game movie. I watched it last night and was really disappointed. As a stand alone movie, it was good, but compared to the book, it was shocking..

Discovering… Pinterest! I have just joined up, and am working out how to use it. 🙂

Thinking.. about actually doing some study before tomorrow

Feeling… Tired, but happy. I had a good day today, even though it wasn’t very productive.

Playing… The Game… Arrrggghhh! I lost!

Hoping for… good weather tomorrow.. Our weather has been a bit up and down lately.

Listening to… Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde. It’s for the Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack. I have to do a song analysis for my english class tomorrow..

Finishing.. A letter to my cousin.. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a letter, so I might as well do it.. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Currently I’m… : NaBloPoMo Day 9

    • A Certain Magical Index is good, Its fairly interesting and the concept of Magic against Science is good. The anime seems to just float at the same level.. not getting better, but not getting worse.. then about 9 episodes in, it gets really interesting and dark. I’ve only watch 10 episodes of season one, so I think Its going to get better.
      I would also recommend, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. At first it seems like a silly little screaming girls anime, but about half way, it gets really dark and creepy. That teamed with psychedelic magical landscapes that make you feel like your tripping out, it’s a pretty good anime, and it’s nice and short.. only about 12 episodes long.


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