Wide eyes

A small cluster of people at the door. Eyes wide; hands shaking. Some clutch to their stationary like it’s their lives. A few nervous words are exchanged. Some are sitting on the ground, exhausted after having no sleep the previous night.

I’m not ready. I’ve tried to prepare myself, but I’m just not ready.

To my horror, the door in front of us swings open, and a tall, bald man walks out. He looks around, and then herds the students inside.

I walk in with the rest of them, staring at my feet. I sit down at the nearest free table and take out my pens.

The bald man is at the front of the room and he speaks in a strong voice, “You may now begin the exam.”

I look down at the booklet in front of me.

My mind is blank. I studied all night, yet my mind is blank.



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