The Trail of Lights

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Christmas celebrations!

On Christmas night, after our family Christmas lunch at a relative’s house, we decided to go look at Christmas lights. We were all already in our pajamas , so we decided to take the car, as we didn’t want to be wandering around the neighborhood in our PJ’s.

Not far from where we live is a yearly community event, where almost all the houses on the street adorn their gum trees and rose gardens with lights.

When we pulled into the street, EVERYONE was walking. There were only 3 cars in the whole street, and I started to wonder if we were doing it wrong.

Some locals admire the lights – Photo by Hana

Most people seemed to walk the trail with family and friends, taking photos in front of the lights and walking right up to them. They seemed to be having so much fun! But don’t get me wrong, I had a great time too!

As I had said, we were in the car, creeping along the street a walking pace, then speeding up between houses. The walkers all spent a good few minutes in front of each house, whereas we spent only 30 seconds.

My cousin taking photos of the lights - Photo by Hana
My cousin taking photos of the lights – Photo by Hana

Driving by the houses, looking out the open windows, it was hard not to feel distant from these scenes.

So, what is your opinion? What is the PROPER way to view Christmas lights?

Hana xx


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