Daily Prompt: The New Me

I find that today’s Daily Prompt is quite funny. The only reason for this is it’s asking me to think of myself being radically different for the next year. It’s all hypothetical; using your imagination.

What I will now share with you, I haven’t told any one. This year, it is my goal to change myself. Now, I don’t mean I’m going to change myself as radically as the prompt suggests, (Age, gender, species, culture) But I will be changing myself for the best.

For a long time, my parents have complained that I’m lazy, and I will admit that this is true; I have always been a layabout.

But I feel after so many years of failed New Year’s resolutions, I will change.

My goals for the next year will be to be a better student, daughter and friend. I will try to get along with everybody, even my enemy. I will do more exercise and eat a balanced diet. I will control my temper, and meditate more. I will be proactive, and do things thinking forward, being on top of the workload.

All of these things are steps that I must take, to become the person I dream of becoming. Too long I have continued on this cycle of dreaming of being greater, but then letting myself down. Too long I have promised to change, then fall back into my old routine the next day.

I will do this for my family, my friends, anyone who has a vital role in my life; and more importantly, me.

I’m putting the call out there; is there anyone who is in the same boat? Who is trying to become their dream person?

Hopefully at the end of the year, I will be able to do a reflection post, and be truthful about whether I have succeeded or not.

Happy New Year Everyone; May your dreams and wishes come true. 🙂

Hana xx


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