Under Threat

Hello all!

The past 12 hours have been crazy, so I thought to share with you what has been going on.

Yesterday, South Australia’s temperature was around 42°C (107.6°F) and so like classic Australia… we had two bush fires, at basically opposite ends of SA. I was in my room, doing some work on my computer, and I hadn’t been out of the house too much. My cousin came in (she was staying with us over Christmas/New Year) and told me that there was a bush fire and that you could see the smoke from our house… so I walked outside and the smoke was MASSIVE!

Here’s a picture of the smoke…

Via News.com.au

I then went to the airport to drop off my Aunt and my Cousin, so that they could return home, and I could see the smoke plume from there! ON THE OTHER SIDE OF ADELAIDE!

Then I listened to the local radio station until midnight, when went to sleep. At 2am, my family woke me up, and apparently we had been sent an alert on our mobiles. I had to quickly pack my bags, then sit there and wait until the fire got closer because we didn’t want to leave for no reason. We just sat there watching movies and stuff until 7am.

After having only 2 hours of sleep, I went to bed for 2 hours whilst listening to the radio. So my sleep count is now 4 hours. We still haven’t evacuated, because the fire is being pushed south by strong winds and we are to the south west/west of the fire area.

I just checked the most recent map and the fire has crept towards us a little, but not too much, we are just hoping the wind doesn’t change direction.

The wind is very strong, and the firefighters might have to fall back, and let the fire do it’s thing, because the winds are incredibly dangerous, and the fire is moving very erratically.

Black section is the fire area… we are in the red area in the bottom left

We are only about 2km from the fire so this is pretty worrying. We have the car packed with enough supplies to last 24-36 hours, and we are just hoping we don’t have to use it.

If anything major happens, I will keep you posted, but for now… We are just waiting around for the worst.

Hana xx


9 thoughts on “Under Threat

  1. Bush fires are scary but fascinating at the same time. Hope everything goes well. I am from Sydney and remember the years that all roads in and out of Sydney were cut off by bush fires.


    • It’s extra nerve-wracking because we feel safe enough in our home at the moment, but there is that cloud of doubt constantly looming over you…
      I understand the people who are driving near the fires to look, we are all curious.. but some people are just being stupid and putting themselves and others at risk.


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