Abstract. Travel With Sparkle.

Michelle Lunato’s (Nato) submission for The Party for Creative Minds’ first challenge! Beautiful! Full post about it will be uploaded soon!

Michelle Lunato Photography

The week after Christmas, I took my dad to see the Fantasy in Lights display at Callaway Gardens before they took them down for the season. I was driving through the route and since the line was going at a walker’s pace, I decided to snap some pictures. Surprisingly, some turned out pretty good, but what was more interesting was the ones that didn’t.

I hated to waste the pictures (like they cost me some money to shoot, lol). So as I looked at the blurry and boring photos, I wondered…what if? I played around in Photoshop for hours distorting and adding filters. I contorted the blah photos into abstract pieces of art. Well, if I say so myself that is. I found the “creations” had so much more pizzazz.

After, I showed my dad the abstract photos and talked about how the blurry photos were turned into something for my blog…

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