Trust: Writing 201

Criteria: Theme~Trust, Form~Acrostic, Device~Internal Rhyming

I look up, broad sky above me,

and down, the earth, twinkling lights, far away.

Me? I’m on a cloud

Helpless, I am, for one step taken, should I peril.

Endless fear for my fate.

Reaching, a hand from the sky.

Energy fills my heart, I am saved!

For this is the hand of trust.

Opening, under me, a net of safety

Relaxing in the cloud, for if I fall,

You would be there, to save me.

Oh hand from the sky, did you hear my call?

Under this blanket of stars, I am safe.


8 thoughts on “Trust: Writing 201

    • Thanks! 🙂 I thought of the idea for my poem as soon as I saw the theme, and I didn’t want to change it. Then, I saw the form, and wanted to go with that. I just thought that it would be quite difficult to get it to work with the rhyming, as I found it difficult to even get the effect of the poem without the rhymes! 😛

      I will definitely use all of the prompts on other occasions.. 🙂


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