Stepping out into the unknown

In just over a month, I will be travelling to Japan.
In just over a month, I will be going overseas for the first time.
In just over a month, I will be travelling without my parents for the first time.
I am scared.

But, what drew me to write this post, was the fact that we all need this in our lives. This element of the unknown.

Stepping out into the unknown is what makes us become better people. When I was 15, I signed up for a program called South Australian Youth Parliament. I had no idea what it meant, what was involved and what I had to know to take part in it. I had to go away for a whole week and live with people I had met only a few times in dorms. But, through the experience, I gained so much. When I came home after the program ended, I felt like a changed woman.
This program gave me a second family. It gave me a place where I felt I truly belonged. It gave me the confidence to make a change in this world. Now, I am out spoken in my passions in social justice.

That’s what stepping out into the unknown does for people; it changes them. So, in just over a month, I will be stepping into my own unknown. Stepping into a foreign land and out of my comfort zone.
To do this, I must have complete faith in myself. I must trust my instincts. I must believe that I can do whatever I want, as long as I try.

Everyone has their own unknown. Whether that is starting at a new workplace, or coming out as gay, or as telling someone that they love them for the first time. We must have faith in ourselves.

“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”
-Erin Hanson

This quote is so incredibly important because it teaches us to have trust in ourselves, in our wings, in our talents. Do not fear what is unknown. Embrace the chance to fly.


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