Wallet Thief: Short Story

I call out to him, “Stop right there!”
‘Not too loud Felix,’ I tell myself. ‘Not too loud.’
If my family found out about this, I’d never hear the end of it.
I look back at my family, packing up the picnic we brought, they are too far away to hear anyway.

I look back at him. I just have to get my wallet back. It’d be easier to just let him take it, but it’s got the meager sum of my birthday money in it!

I look at the thief holding my wallet, his beady little eyes bore into mine. He can tell that its important to me, and from the malicious look on his face, he’s not giving it back.

I step forward two steps. He steps back three. Never would I have ever imagined that I’d be in a face off like this. We both are till, fearing that if one ran, so would the other. He was also a lot larger than he should be, so that made him seem even more menacing.

I could use some thing from the picnic table as a weapon, but if I quickly ran back, he’d surely flee.

I start mentally devising a plan. Perhaps if I talked to him, negotiated, he’d give it beck? No, that’d never work out. Maybe if I scream really loud, he’ll get a fright and drop it. No, not that; my parents would realise what’s going on.I have only one option.

I step forward, slowly, calmly, so that he wouldn’t run.. He steps back again. He shuffles sideways, so that he becomes hidden behind a tree.

‘Like that does anything,’ I think ‘Does he think I’m stupid?’

I silently step to the tree, my hands against the rough bark. My heart is hammering against my chest and so I try to will it to be quiet. I bend down, pick up a smooth rock by my feet, the size of a golf ball. With my other hand, I pick up a stick.

I take a breath, preparing myself.

I jump out from behind the tree so that I am in full view. I throw the rock at the ground in front of him, making him run. Perfect. I throw the stick at my wallet, but miss.

That was my last resort.

He spreads his wings and takes off; my wallet in his beak. Great. I got my wallet stolen by a fucking goose. I turn around, feeling devastated.

My family is standing there, all their faces contorted by attempts to hold back explosive laughter. They all burst.

Well, my day couldn’t get any worse. As I said… I’m never going to hear the end of it.


Sorry if this was rubbish… It was just a quick short story I was going to write for my English class, but it was a bit under the word limit of 1000. Let me know what you think in the comments?

Maybe I’ll post the story I actually used later…


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