Open the Floodgate of Possibility: Daily Prompt

In my mind, the word ‘border‘ is synonymous with words like ‘walls’, ‘confinement’ and ‘limits’.
Unfortunately, these words appear too much in my life, and they are not forced upon me, rather they are self-made.

On my bedroom wall, I wrote a single quote:

Do not become a prisoner of your own assumptions

-Sean P. Dent

This is on my wall because I’ve come to realise that I have limited myself by not thinking of the grand possibilities that I CAN achieve. All throughout high school, I’ve received average grades, sometimes even struggled. Then, at the beginning of my final year (this year) I thought to myself: You know what? I will ACHIEVE all that I can. No matter how badly I’ve done in the past, this year is my year to shine, no matter what others may tell me.

And this year, I have shone. I am receiving almost all grades in the A band and I may even be receiving an award for the highest grade in a particular subject (although it is still too soon to tell).

Don’t let what yourself and others think of you hold you back behind imaginary barriers. Open the floodgate of possibility, you could surprise yourself.


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