How School Kills My Creativity

Throughout this year, I’ve been studying tirelessly without any creative expression on the side.
A few weeks ago, when I made my comeback to blogging, I sat down, ready to write and… nothing. My head ached under the strain of me trying to create something, and for me, that was terrifying.

I’ve always been able to write something, but suddenly my brain felt broken.
What was happening to me??

What I’ve since realised is that all this year I’ve been told what to write and how to write it. The only time that I’ve been given even the slightest chance to be creative has been in English class; and even then, we’ve been told: “Be inspired NOW, or you’re getting a zero”.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this makes my brain scream. I can’t just go a full year without writing, and then be told to turn on my creativity like the turning on of a light!

I think that our schooling systems should allow their students’ creativity to flow, rather than bottle it and put it away for ‘later’.

Now that I’ve (just) finished high school, I have the time to write more again and although I’m back to writing, it’s going to take me a lot of constant practice to get that stream of creativity going again what my high school killed.


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