The Discovery of a New Me

I had actually been working on (AKA procrastinating on) a blog post for several days now, when I woke up this morning to find that The Daily Post have issued a Discover Challenge on the theme of looking back retrospectively on the last year of blogging. At this moment, I knew that today was the day to finally post this post.


If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you might have noticed a large change in the content I’ve been producing quite recently. If you are a new reader, then you probably haven’t noticed too big a change, even if you scroll back to my older posts, due to a big clean out I did a couple of months ago… and boy, did I find some ugly stuff from way back when…

That, coupled with the year-long hiatus, has caused me to change drastically as a person. I know more about myself, my identity, my passions, my style of writing fiction, and my hopes for the blog. Heck, even this blog’s reason for existence has changed. I’ll bring you up to date:

In the past year, I’ve been busy completing my final year of high school, and have been facing the anxiety-inducing truth that I need to be planning for the future. I’ve had my eyes on a career in the field of public relations/communication/etc. for a while now, and so that is what I stuck with. But to stand out from the crowd, I need a head start on my peers. This means I need to start networking and doing as much as I can, writing-wise, in the online communications realm to make a name for myself before any of the others ACTUALLY realise that this is what they need to be doing. But, this is NOT what I want to do with this blog… this is meant to be MY CREATIVE outlet.

So how can I use this blog to benefit my future, without completely shaking its style up?

I decided to use it as a way to PRACTISE my writing, whilst still sharing my ideas, opinions and stories. Throughout my senior year, I’ve discovered a strange love within myself for essay writing. All throughout high school I’ve hated it, not because the process is bad, but because the topics I’ve been writing don’t interest me.

In my favourite class (which I coincidentally got dux of subject for), I was writing essays on topics I was passionate about, like gender inequality, the rights of LGBT+ people, youth homelessness, the hardships of young Australian Indigenous women, hacktivism, etcetera. And because I was so interested and passionate about these topics, I enjoyed researching and writing the essays, and most of all, I wrote them WELL.

So then I thought, maybe I could write informal essays on topics on here as well? They would be informative as well as interesting, and it would allow me to discuss different issues or topics that matter to me in a more structured way. Think of it being just like any factual website or magazine article (minus the intrusive ads trying to trade your money for products you don’t need).

Although my writing style has changed, it will probably continue to develop over the next year, from your continued support and feedback! I will be aiming to write in a lot more varied styles to try out new ideas and will hopefully be posting more often.

To give you some kind of idea as to what my ‘new style’ will look like, the following are some links to posts I’ve written which encompass this new me, although I will be changing my ‘essay’ style posts slightly:

‘Essay Style’:
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Creative Piece:
Pierced Heart
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Opinion Piece:
Should we exclude to be included?
Empowerment in light of Trump

-Hannah xx


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