Free to be ME in 2017!

So this morning I’ve woken up on the other side of the year change over with a foggy brain, but I’m determined to post this morning before it’s classed as “late”.
I recently came across a blogger by the name of Ivy Iris (by the way, please go check out her blog) who inspired me to come up with a word of the year (here’s the insta post which inspired me).
My word for 2017 is if you haven’t already guessed ‘Freedom’.
‘Why freedom?’ I hear you ask. Well:
For the past thirteen or so years, I’ve been restrained by the expectations of my schooling institutions and now that I have graduated I have this immense feeling of freedom. But although I have this feeling, I haven’t felt truly free, because I’ve contained myself to suit society and fit “the norm”, and I’ve been too afraid and self-conscience to truly be myself.
So this year, I’m going to free myself.
I will be free to speak and live my truth.
I will be free to reach my highest potential.
I will be free to learn and become who I truly am.
I will be free to develop myself and my spirituality without fear of judgement.
I will be free to be me.
I AM free to be me and no one can stop me from being happy with who I am.

Hannah xx


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