Who am I?

I’ve decided to make a new blog. One about writing.. and inspiration. I’m going to write this blog how I talk. I’m gonna have words that aren’t real and lots of grammatical faults, but this is me. My first blog was about my nerdy-ness; but this one is about MY ideas, MY brain, MY life. I hope that this blog is full of wonderful, and that it is enjoyable to read.
I’m not going to force posts out of my brain on a schedule, I’m going to post when I’m ready. This may mean that I have three posts all in a week, and then not post again for a month.
Now, to introduce myself.
Hello, My online name is Hana (ハナ)meaning ‘flower’ in Japanese.
I would describe myself as a student, writer, blogger, thinker and reader.
I live in Adelaide, South Australia.
I love reading, writing, eating, blogging and doing almost anything creative.. although, I’m not very good at it. It always looks good in my head, but doesn’t turn out too well in real life. As I said, I’m an ideas person; not an artist.
I’m quite a bit of a fandom girl, but I’m going to try to not let it seep into my blog too much.
I’ve never really shared my writing with anyone except my family.. or my teachers. At first, I’m going to be posting things I’ve written in the past that I have kept because I impressed myself.. but after that I will just write, and write, and write.
If you would like to share any of my material. Please include my blog URL and my name, as I would like credit for my work! 😛
Well, I think that’s it! This is me.
If you like what you see, please hit the follow button!

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Yes, I do like what I see, so I’ve hit the ‘follow’ button! I hope you’ll like my blog and will do the same! Found you through Blogging 201, by the way. Nice work!


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