Book Review: All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield

All I Ever Wanted

I just finished a brilliant book by an Adelaidian author called Vikki Wakefield. This Young Adult book was a joy to read; and honestly, it kept me up late because I wasn’t able to stop reading!

The book brings you into the life of Mim, almost seventeen and dreaming of someplace else. The thing is, Mim lives in the suburbs with her over weight mother and two drug-dealing brothers who are in prison. A ‘witch’ lives across the road, and on either sides of Mim’s house are an abusive husband and a house which is silent except for the moans you can hear at night. It’s not a place you would want to grow up in.

Mim wants a better life, where she can travel and see the places she’s circled in her dozens of Lonely Planet books. To do this, Mim’s got a list of rules which she is determined to live by.I will finish school.  I will not take drugs.  I will not get tattoos. I will not drink alcohol. I will not say ‘fuck’ all the time. I will not have sex until I’m over 18. I will not be like everybody else. I will only trust myself. One day I will leave this place and never come back. I will not turn out like my mother.

But things change, and she starts breaking her own rules. Her friends turn into strangers and strangers turn into her friends; but can she right her wrongs and repair the damage before her mother notices?

All I Ever Wanted was an amazing book which really got my heart pounding. It captured teenage emotions perfectly and it transported you into a different world. After missing the bus the other morning, I got through the second half of the book in quick succession.

All I Ever Wanted was Vikki’s first book, and a year later she published a second book calledFriday Brown.

I would recommend this book for people (especially the ladies) who are of age 15 and up. Be warned, there are some mature themes which may be a little too intense for those who are in their early teens.

I will rate All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield a 5 out of 5 beautiful minds.

5 out of 5Hana xx