Rest in Peace: Poem

As the clock struck 4:17, silence was upon you.
After climbing to great heights you fell,
Fell into your inescapable fate, which left you lying here,
immobile on the floor.

 Dead or just resting, I did not know,
But should I see your cold corpse tomorrow,
I will know there is no escape,
from the grim grip of death.

Your life was insignificant, not a thought was paid to you,
Your role wasn’t one of importance, But one of many, which only together, have
But one of many, which only together, have meaning;
Have purpose.

Why should such life be taken?
For no reason or purpose,
Not even time could take the blame.
Such waste for a little life which doesn’t even have a name.

 Rest in peace, spider on the kitchen floor.


Just a little poem I wrote in a free lesson I had at school today. Ladies and gentlemen: procrastination at it’s finest.

Heroine: Writing 201

Criteria: Theme~Hero(ine), Form~Ballad, Device~Anaphora/Epistrophe

You were born to lead,

you were born to strengthen,

you were born to give hope.

you were born to make a change.

Women were once weak,

not in themselves,

in the eyes of others,

having no power.

Now, you rise up,

against that image,

to inspire the world,

to spread the message.

Because of you, we are strong,

in the eyes of others, we now belong.

Women can make a difference,

We can do it because of you.


I am really sorry that you had to read that. That was shocking.

I really wanted to just not post something, as I’ve never written a ballad before, and I have now found out that I’m terrible at writing them..

My inspiration for this was the Australian Suffragettes that fought for suffrage in the very early 1900’s. Australia was, in fact, the first country in the world to allow women both the right to vote in federal elections and also the right to be elected to parliament on a national basis.

I promise I will do better next time..

Hana xx

Fog: Writing 201

Criteria: Theme~Fog, Form~Elegy, Device~Metaphor

I awake from a open-eyed slumber,

my head, a tangle of thoughts.

Fog, is how I feel;

Thick and clouded, unable to find my way.

Looking out the window,

I organise my mind.

The clouds a grey mass,

the rain pattering,

such melancholy.