Should we exclude to be included?

A couple of hours ago, it was revealed that a motion was moved at the Sydney Mardi Gras’Annual General Meeting that the meeting

Does not believe that a prime minister who denies us equality should be welcome as an official guest at our parade.

This means that our current Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has been officially uninvited from the 2017 Sydney Mardi Gras.

Wow… Harsh.

Although, the reasoning behind the decision is highly valid: Last year he attended, smiled for the press, had a jolly good time and made it look like he was all for equality, and then continued to refuse to pass marriage equality back at work. It’s unbelievable.

Now, I have tried to stay as apolitical as possible on this blog, but I cannot help but comment on this man’s distasteful and offensive tactics. It is unbelievable that he feels he has the right to take advantage of the event to boost his own media profile, whilst he continues to oppress and refuse the rights of these same people he partied with.

So yes, I understand where they are coming from, but surely kicking him out isn’t the most effective way to go about things? I doubt that he is going to be affected in the slightest by being uninvited to ‘just another community event’, in fact, I’m sure he’d love the night off he’s just been given.

Fighting hate and ignorance with just more hate really isn’t going to do anything but produce more hate, perhaps with a side of bitterness. To make a difference, we need to show that this is an issue of love. If we project love and show, through this same love, how important equality is to our community, it will fall on kinder ears rather than hardened deaf ones?

Hate is what fuels violent clashes and gives our opponents (I honestly hate using that word in this context) a reason to deny our rights. Love is what empowers us and gets the job done without harming anyone.

So, I’d love to hear from YOU: Should we, the LGBTQI+ community and allies, exclude to be included?

My goal for November is:

For the entirety of this year, I’ve been too busy to have goals, and if I did, they would just look like this:


I know right? boring!

But now that my secondary schooling is over (apart from my exams), I am left to my own devices.
So what should I do?

My answer: Nothing…



…AND everything.

‘How can you do two seemingly opposite things at once’, you may ask. Well, they’re not… they’re the same.

Let me explain:

By giving myself nothing to do, I am allowing myself to do everything.
Everything and anything that comes to mind, I can do. This allows me to get things done that I’ve put off for YEARS.
Invited to a party this Sunday? I can do that.
Remembered I needed to get some paperwork done? I can do that.
Realised a new cafe opened around the corner? I can go there.
I literally can do ANYTHING, and this freedom is delicious.

For example, this morning, I woke up and cleaned my entire bedroom for what feels like the first time in forever. Then, I sat in the spring sun, drank coffee and wrote three whole blog posts – more than I’ve ever written in are sitting!

So this November, my goal is to not have a goal.
Because one month without goals, can get a whole lot more done.

How School Kills My Creativity

Throughout this year, I’ve been studying tirelessly without any creative expression on the side.
A few weeks ago, when I made my comeback to blogging, I sat down, ready to write and… nothing. My head ached under the strain of me trying to create something, and for me, that was terrifying.

I’ve always been able to write something, but suddenly my brain felt broken.
What was happening to me??Read More »

Open the Floodgate of Possibility: Daily Prompt

In my mind, the word ‘border‘ is synonymous with words like ‘walls’, ‘confinement’ and ‘limits’.
Unfortunately, these words appear too much in my life, and they are not forced upon me, rather they are self-made.

On my bedroom wall, I wrote a single quote:

Do not become a prisoner of your own assumptions

-Sean P. Dent

This is on my wall because I’ve come to realise that I have limited myself by not thinking of the grand possibilities that I CAN achieve. All throughout high school, I’ve received average grades, sometimes even struggled. Then, at the beginning of my final year (this year) I thought to myself: You know what? I will ACHIEVE all that I can. No matter how badly I’ve done in the past, this year is my year to shine, no matter what others may tell me.

And this year, I have shone. I am receiving almost all grades in the A band and I may even be receiving an award for the highest grade in a particular subject (although it is still too soon to tell).

Don’t let what yourself and others think of you hold you back behind imaginary barriers. Open the floodgate of possibility, you could surprise yourself.

Creative pieces on the way!

Hey guys,

I’m just checking in to let you all know that I’ve got two creative pieces (one poem and one short story) on the way. I actually wrote them for my senior year English course and so they are currently being assessed at the moment and if I was to post them, I’d probably be picked up on plagiarism for copying my own work.. 😂

Because of this, they will probably be posted in around December as that’s when I get my results.

Hannah xx